Who can join the FCT Boot Camp?

Any person, age 13 and up, who is willing to commit in order to achieve fitness results faster, lose weight, be strong, be fit, and become a healthier person by following camp guidelines and completing the program; has a "Yes, I can" attitude; who is "Tough and will say, "More!" instead of whining, may join the Fit City Training Boot Camp.

How do I know if I am physically qualified?

If your answer to each of the following questions is "no", we welcome you to join the camp. If you answer "yes" it is wise to seek your physician's advice and obtain his/her authorization before beginning any health and fitness program.

  • Do you have any medical conditions that would prevent you from participating in exercise?
  • Have you ever had an injury that would prevent you from participating in exercise?
What should I bring?
  • A mat
  • A pair of dumbbells (suggested weight is 5-8 lbs. for ages 13-17; 8-12 lbs. for ages 18 and up)
  • Bottled water and a face towel
What to wear?
  • Due to cold temperatures during winter time, please put on warmer clothing including a pair of gloves
  • A pair of appropriate running shoes is recommended
Should I eat something before the camp starts?

Yes. A small meal is recommended. It can include, for example, a small bowl of cereal with milk. It is also a must that you eat a healthy breakfast immediately after attending boot camp.

How do I know that I can handle the difficulty level of the exercises?

All fitness levels are welcome to join. Exercises are modifiable according to your ability. To progress and achieve best results, it is recommended that you push yourself slowly beyond your limit without compromising your safety.

What do I expect from Fit City Training Boot Camp?

Regarding the exercises, you "expect the unexpected". As long as you commit to perform your best and follow the camp guidelines, you can expect the following results:

  • Experience a minimum of 2% reduction in your Body Fat per camp
  • Experience a minimum of 3 lbs. of Body Weight loss per camp
  • Improve your flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, agility, speed and balance
  • Gain lifetime knowledge of proper form/posture and breathing during exercises
  • Knowledge of effective, creative and fun exercises
  • Feel more confident and disciplined
  • Be a stronger, more fit and NEW you!
  • Obtain nutrition suggestions
  • Learn suggested weekend exercises to do on your own
  • Experience a 10-minute myofacial release/deep tissue lower back and legs sports massage
  • GET YOUR MONEY BACK guaranteed once you followed the camp guidelines and did not get the results accordingly
What are the camp guidelines?
  • Read all the documents before signing. Important things to remember are written on the first page
  • Always do your best and perform better than your recent performance
  • Inform the instructor if you feel any pain or discomfort during exercises
  • A minimum of 6.5-8 hours of sleep is a must
  • Do not consume alcohol during the month of Boot Camp
  • Do not eat foods that are fried, contain a lot of sugar or have saturated fat, or any other foods that are not deemed healthy by the instructor during the course of Boot Camp
  • Show up at camp daily and on time
  • Refrain from bad language during training. It is best to just say, "More!"