The Fit City Training boot camp focuses on toning, weight loss, general cardio and muscular endurance. I want all of our trainees to be able to do well in all aspects of fitness including running, upper body endurance, and core strength.

The workout day usually starts with jogging, dynamic stretching, abdominal exercises for warm-up; followed by the main workout which is called "total body exercises" (muscle confusion system for toning), 2-3 minutes of cardio, plyometrics for agility, 2-3 minutes of jogging/running; and wraps it up with a good stretching and the incorporation of few yoga poses.

Boxing and Kickboxing happen on the second week of camp. The 3 to 4.5-mile of run with 18 pushups and dips stations is added to the Downtown (Town Lake/Palmer Events Center-Butler's Park) camp. Beginners and advanced campers are welcome to join.

Personal Training boot camp-style is also available for individuals who would rather be trained privately, with a buddy or a family member.

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